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Group Health Plans

Your team is important to your success, and to create a great team, you have to attract great talent.  64% of employees say benefits attracted them to their current jobs, and 65% say benefits help keep them in their job.

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Individual & Families

Affordable Health Insurance

Having the right health insurance plan keeps you and your family safe, while providing financial security.  It means when something happens, your first thought doesn’t have to be about how you’ll pay the medical bill.

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Medicare Eligible

Sign Up For Medicare

The decisions you make when you’re first eligible for medicare are important ones, and you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.  Medicare is complex and Marilyn is here to help you make the right decision for now and the future.


Marilyn McKinney

In 2002, when Marilyn was offered her first job in the insurance industry, she did something they didn’t expect.  You see, she wasn’t really looking for a job in the industry, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to be in insurance.


She asked them “Why would I want to work in Insurance?” The answer changed her life.


They told her that she’d get to help people and that’s the kind of person they really needed.  Not a stereotypical insurance agent in a business suit.


Since 2002 Marilyn has been helping people protect themselves, their families, and their business.  That’s her job.

Why Hire an Agent?

It seems like you can do anything online now days, even buying insurance.  Sometimes, though, it’s best not to do it on your own.


Insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all product.  Regulations are changing, and the available services are always in flux.  The last thing you want is for something to happen, and you find out you don’t have coverage.


Marilyn is licensed insurance agent with over 15 years of experience.  She knows what questions to ask you, and she knows how to make sure your assets, your family, and your health are protected.  If something changes, Marilyn knows about it because she lives and breaths insurance all day.


Also, if something happens, Marilyn can act as an advocate for you with the insurance carriers, so you don’t have to go at it alone.

Why an Independent Agent?

As an Independent Agent, I can make sure you’re getting the best policy and the best price, from any of the carriers I represent.

Not all carriers or plans can meet everyone’s needs equally, and being an independent agent allows me to compare each option objectively, and present you with the best plan in the market.